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    What is a residential care home?

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    Also called board and care homes, adult family homes, and residential care facilities for the elderly, residential care homes are a live-in housing and care option for people who do not have skilled medical needs, such as a feeding tube or daily injections. Generally, a residential care home provides the following:

    • A room, either private or shared
    • Meals
    • Varying levels of assistance with daily living activities, such as toileting, bathing, and even money and health care management
    • Custodial care, such as laundry, housekeeping, and transportation to doctor appointments
    • Reminders to take medications or actual medication administering.

    Adult family homes are wonderful for individuals who are looking for a smaller-home-like setting. They'll eat home-cooked meals in the kitchen. They can enjoy a home with a front porch or back porch and a garden. It offers them one-on-one care in a familial environment.

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    Immediate Placement Help

    We help residents and their representatives find the right living arrangement. TWe are available to help guide you through the process of helping your client or loved one transition into residential or assisted living facilities.

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    We have an established network of potential residents to fill your empty residential spaces. We specialize in helping individuals find local residential group homes.

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  • About

    Our goal is to meet the needs of patients by offering a selection of quality home health care agencies. Our mission is to support the community by seeking out and referring home health agencies that provide optimum services designed to meet the needs of individuals regardless of race, creed, color, sex or disability.


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    Founder & CEO

    Sandra Michelle Hart

    Sandra Hart is a woman with a heart. Her name could not be more appropriate for what she does and how she serves her clients at Heart to Home serving North Texas.


    Sandra is a testament to the possibility of turning trials into triumph. Overcoming physical limitations since childhood, Sandra continues to defy the odds and runs a successful business helping others who are in predicaments similar to what she experienced as a person who depended on others for her care.


    Intense physical pain, being handicapped and the stigma that may come with being a former Special Education student were not enough to stop Sandra. As an elementary school student, she was recognized at “Most Likely to Succeed” by the NAACP and was awarded a full ride scholarship to the college of her choice. Sandra attended Richland College in Richardson, Texas, where she studied multimedia, specializing in web design, video game design, and filming.


    Sandra became a sought-after videographer and web designer as the word spread about the quality of her work, her strong work ethic, and high level of service. This is where her entrepreneurial spiritual began to take root, as she transformed her gifts and talents into her own business.


    Sandra continues to prove that she is unstoppable. Bedbound and depressed, she had decided to give up. Sandra’s life was turned around by a caregiver who refused to give up on her. With the encouragement and support of this angelic caregiver, Sandra had a paradigm shift and began to fight to live. Sandra isn’t just living, she is thriving and bringing others along.


    Sandra has a unique zeal, compassion and insight to help people in need of residential home care, senior care or assisted living options. She helps seniors, the disabled, the handicapped, the homeless and other underserved segments of society including both children as well as adults.


    Sandra converts her passion into a service that helps people who are in situations that she can relate to. She is an advocate and a connector who bridges gaps between what people need and who can meet those needs.


    She provides an extension of services frequently offered by Social Workers and is often sought after by Social Workers to do the time consuming legwork that they don’t have the time to do. Sandra helps people get the resources that they need in order to improve their quality of life. She is also called upon by home care agencies, pharmacies, residential homes, DME companies and Caption Call for the hearing impaired, as a result of the credibility she has established.


    Sandra Hart has earned a reputation that draws resources and patients to her and she pairs them up for a mutually beneficial situation. She is proven effective and trustworthy and as a result, her business has grown into what is now known as Hart to Home of North Texas.

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